Basketball Team

Tredway Thunder Basketball Team

As we welcomed the end of 2014 the Tredway Thunder Basketball Team were just coming together, soon to become the team that they are today. The task of coaching this new team was taken on by Mr Armstrong. The students were taught many new skills on and off the court.

On and Off Court Skills

On the court skills included the basics from dribbling to advanced basketball strategy as they worked to become a competitive team. Off the court they found out about being adaptable to different situations they may find themselves facing, how to be alert and aware of their surroundings as they developed their abilities to anticipate what their opponents were planning both before and during games.
Above all, students learned the value of perseverance and that they should never give up a play and make every second count while they have the ability to influence outcomes.

Thank you to all the coaching staff and students of the basketball team for a great year.